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Roof Repair

Very efficient, honest workmanship. Dependable.
Before he put on the Conklin product, we needed some roof repair. Plywood was rotted out which gave a soft spot on the roof. When he sold me the job, I asked if he’d could repair the roof first before he put the Conklin product on. He said he could fix anything. He did all the repair work and sealed the roof.
Last week we had 9″ of snow and plenty of rain which was a good test – no leaks!!!

Aaron Stoltzfus, Lake Plaza Investments LLC

Great company

Neal was great to work with!!! Always on top of our needs and very responsive. Crew showed up and worked harder than any crew I’ve ever seen.

Earle OHagan

Reliable and Trustworthy

Rockin L Roof Coatings said what they would do and did what they said. They were reliable, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. I always have a hard time paying anything upfront, but in this case, I’m glad I did. Highly recommend!

Rob Jenkins

From my family i learned

From my family i learned the value of an honest days work, and so i recognize what Neal put into the job.
Having encouraged my kids and grandchildren to “Do what you say, finish what you start, show up on time and say please and thank you”——-its a pleasure and refreshing to find this in hard working business man!!!
Thanks Neal!

Dennis Clark

Great Job

Rockin L came in, provided an estimate without trying to up sale and without trying to make things better or worse than they actually were. Neal answered questions, explained his process, and did exactly what he said he would when he said he would do it.
Our roof is secure and looks great.

Ted Ulibarri


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